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Best asian restaurant in Toronto in 2017

The top Chinese restaurants in Toronto represent only a portion of the diverse array of regional offerings accessible here. And though many would claim you have to head to Richmond and Markham Hill to get the actual deal, Scarborough our downtown Chinatowns and areas in between have their share of victor.
Russian restaurants in Toronto

Congee Wong (Finch and Leslie)

For my money my favourite one is the North York place, although there are so many Congee Wongs near that it can make your head spin. Certainly it may get crowded during mealtimes, but at least it late, as well as their Cantonese Chow Mein Fried Chili Turnip Patties never fails to make me grin.

Best french restaurant in Toronto

The top French eateries in Toronto show off a wide range of strategies to the cuisine that is iconic. Whether you mean to observe with champagne in one of the most upscale dining rooms in this city or have an appetite for moules et frites in a casual bistro setting, these restaurants can accommodate your desires.

Jacques Bistro du Parc

This hidden jewel in Yorkville has been going strong since 1978 serving up exceptional all-day omelettes alongside peppery steaks and roasted racks of lamb. Costs are expectedly high, but the service is attentive enough to make diners feel special.


Batifole's menu may be reasonably priced, but not at the expense of well-executed dishes and sourced wines. Usually thought to be the most legitimate of the French eateries in Toronto, the unpretentious dining room has a backseat to classic dishes like cassoulet and fish stews, which are the principal draw for east side lovers of Gallic cuisine.

L'Avenue Bistro

This Leaside bistro attracts locals outside for moules frites French onion soup, and beef bourguignon, amongst other French classics. The setting is intimate (35 seats), the servers know their wine, and also the owners realize the best way to craft a prototypical French dining experience. Bonus points given for the brunch choices.

La Palette

Once a staple in Kensington Market, La Palette looks right at home in its pitch-perfect bistro. Horse tartare is again a fixture as well as prized French cuisine like escargot and foie gras. An extensive collection of wine is eschewed in favour of a beer list that is enormous on both international and local picks.

Jules Bistro & Cafe

The prix fixe menu, which offers choices like steak frites, onion soup, and creme brulee for $25, is a big draw only at that informal bistro on Spadina north of Richmond. Itis a well-known lunch and dinner alternative during the week.

Le Select Bistro

This bistro on Wellington remains the go to destination for many Toronto diners trying to satiate their internal Francophile. Chef Albert Ponzo has all the usual suspects covered - steak frites, bouillabaisse, boudin noir, etc. - but presents them with an air of sophistication that justifies the not-so-bistro-like prices.


Found at the bottom of the Thompson Hotel, this restaurant is a bastion for classic French fare with a substantial focus on seafood. The menu is abundant with opportunities to drink champagne while knocking oysters back and revelling in bowls of lobster bouillabaisse.


This third floor eatery at Queen and Spadina is scrupulous service, but in addition a temple to fine dining where haute cuisine is fit not merely by the innovative decor. The tasting menu offers several varieties for each of five classes in addition to complimentary surprises from the kitchen on the way.

Bonjour Brioche

This east side breakfast area serves up a menu featuring sandwiches assembled on fresh baguettes, tarts, and quiches and prevails the skill of baking that is French. As brunch crowds from near and far flock here to fill through to the delicious croque madam featuring ham and gruyere on brioche crowned using a fried egg be prepared to queue up on weekends.

Best Italian restaurants in downtown Toronto


604 King St. W., 416-865-1600
Few places encapsulate Toronto’s dining culture where executive chef Rob Gentile prepares a few of the city’s most original and elaborate plates in a bare-bones industrial room. Smoked burrata tops spicy pig’s blood spaghetti with sausage and rapini. Truffle shavings adorn ricotta-filled fried zucchini blooms—a dish that’s described (accurately) by a nearby diner as “better than sex.”


265 Davenport Rd., 416-515-0009
The handsome, gray-on-gray room is scanned in the comfort of a plush booth. Chef Klaus Rourich sends classy interpretations of classic northern Italian dishes out. For seasoning, a bright salad of orange slices, shaved fennel and uses ricotta and niçoise olives, and almonds for feel. Earthy puttanesca, without a touch of mush, offsets octopus. Textbook bolognese, hardly bound with milk, is deep with flavour.


181 Wellington St. W., 416 572 8008
The Ritz-Carlton’s fine eatery has finally found its basis. A pair of scampi perch that is hardly cooked of burrata on soft curds held in place from the natural bowl of an artichoke heart. Bitter, mellow sautéed mushrooms in a warming autumn salad tame vibrant red radicchio leaves. Arrayed and slit throughout the bone, the supremely tender, slightly amazing steak Fiorentina is just one of the city’s great cuts. Smooth and airy Roman gnocchi, made with semolina rather than potato, make a wonderful accompaniment, as does a bowl of glistening braised escarole studded with hazelnuts and raisins.


Best mexican restaurants Toronto

The very best Mexican restaurants in Toronto and some do more than simply tacos and tacos, respectively at all. While the tortilla-topped specialties (when offered) are on point, there's an entire variety of roasted meats, traditional stews and sandwiches for one to devour.


This comida on St. Clair West offers an entire range of traditional Mexican basics. Tacos, tortas, tamales, quesadillas, enchiladas and chilaquiles are all on the menu and best loved in the brightly coloured dining room decorated with Luchador masks.

Torteria San Cosme

The Mexican sandwich store in Kensington Market has earned a loyal following because of its taco-less brand of food that was fast. Tortas assembled on pan telera will be the primary menu items, but you need to not miss sides like elote and charros (sausage and bean stew) either.

El Rey Mezcal Bar

Sip on cocktails and let your tastebuds tour flights of mezcal at Grant van Gameren’s cacti-adorned saloon in Kensington Market. The kitchen is open until last call serving up like quesadillas, late night nibbles, potato sope, and empanadas.

King's Tacos

Traditional Mexican dishes will fill you up at this informal St. Clair joint. Here, tacos are presented with stacking heaps of meat alongside salsa, ensalada and steaming tortillas for DIY assembly.

El Pocho

This veranda-endowed antojitos pub in the Annex is the place to really go for bottles of Negra Modela and Mexi-Cali -style snack food. Carne asada fries, tacos, road corn and tortillas with gauc’ all grace the menu, plus on weekends El Pocho does brunch.

El Catrin

This modern Mexican eatery in the Distillery District is a fiesta for the senses. Indoor and outdoor areas are decorated with Dia de los Muertos motifs and lively murals, while the menu records other botanas, ceviche, tacos and esquites also as multi-course tasting menus.

Playa Cabana Cantina

No two restaurants are likewise within this family of Mexican eateries. At one place you’ll locate neighbourhood-special takes on tacos and tequila. Other locations delve into comfort food, family-style banquets and Mexican-Korean fusion.

La Carnita (John St.)

Loud music, overloaded tacos along with a tequila-significant drinks menu are a common thread at every of La Carnita's four places. Daily specials and choose programs (like quesadillas, chorizo meatballs and scorpion wings) are unique at each outpost.

Best cheap restaurants in Toronto in 2017


10 Temperance St., 647-348-7000
It’s developed into a very good resto. Still dropdead stunning — divine decadence, a penthouse atop of a heritage downtown building. You take the lift to the 5th floor, to some glam space lit tall windows and by grand chandeliers. Luxe banquettes and generous tables, with service and food to coincide. Amazing octopus comes jazzed with piquillo peppers and salsa verde, merguez sausage. This is really a kitchen. Their lamb is brilliant — yogurt marinated rack and pink tender cinnamon with braised shank tagine with couscous, cauliflower and pomegranate. Fat gilded scallops sit fairly on yellow beet risotto.

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163 Spadina Ave., 416-260-2222
If Toronto had a Michelin three star restaurant, but instead of being French and snobby and formal, it was cheery and unpretentious, it would be Alo, brought to us Patrick Kriss. We mourned the loss when Kriss left Acadia. Who knew his vision was bigger and so much broader than that? I typically hate tasting menus, feel imprisoned in their too-long too much parade of dishes. But I’m to Alo, every dish a modest perfect extravaganza of flavor, feel and visuals in thrall. $95, five courses. Plus a lot of extras. The menu changes regularly but anticipate an amuse like fennel custard with lemon as well as olive oil froth, subsequently fab smoked foie gras with chestnut crumble and sweet potato chips… lobster with sunchoke radicchio and slit, lightly pickled, both pureed and truffle…. The most intense mushroom dish in town: Hedgehog mushrooms with crisped trumpet mushrooms, chicken skin in gel sheet form, and silken puree of celery root. The beat goes on, pork, duck and past fish to intricate fine chocolate desserts.

Top turkish restaurants in Toronto

The best Turkish restaurants and cafes in delicacies in Toronto bargain popularized throughout the Ottoman Empire. All these are establishments where you'll find rich coffee served with conventional baked goods like sari, borek and simit burma, along with crave-worthy street foods like pide and doner.

Pizza Pide

Locate this gourmet Turkish-style pizza joint on Gerrard Street East slinging 20 varieties of conventional thin crusted pies. Favourite topping mixtures comprise delicacies like pastrami, roasted lamb and mozzarella cheese, or spinach and feta.

Istanbul Cafe

This Yonge and Eglinton area establishment operates at night as a cafe by day and cocktail bar. House-made Turkish pastries and include lemony semolina pastries and savoury dishes are about the menu, Sari Burma along with stuffed grape leaves dusted with lentil soup and sumac, spinach borek.


This restaurant on Duncan draws inspiration from a mosaic of Eastern Mediterranean regions, Ottoman cuisines among them. On the menu you’ll locate numerous mezze, manti dumplings and salmon kibbeh nayeh trimmed with a dollop of labneh, mint and Turkish paste.

Simit & Chai

This charming bakery and cafe on King West prices in loose leaf teas, coffee that is powerful, Turkish-style road bagels, and sandwiches that are miniature. Settle in here for a game of backgammon and nosh on bagel sandwiches slathered with cream cheese and olive tea or spread sandwiches stacked with pastrami and fava bean spread.

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Best vegetarian restaurants in Toronto

The best vegetarian restaurants in Toronto continue to get better and better. Offerings now go beyond mock meat, quinoa and rice bowls have evolved and be widespread and now almost everything gets paired using a smoothie or cold juice that is pressed.

Live Organic Food Bar (Dupont)

The original all-natural and raw restaurant on Dupont at Bathurst is so popular it sprouted a satellite place in Liberty Village, together with a lineup of grocery store products. Menu standouts include mung bean pancakes and manicotti stuffed with cashew dill 'ricotta".

Bolt Fresh Bar

This accidental takeout counter on West Queen West sells juices, smoothies, salads and grain boxes. The acai bowls certainly are a standout on the menu - they are more like an acai parfait, layered with fresh fruit, yogurt and crunchy granola.

Urban Herbivore

Plant-based sandwiches and salads are some of the the specialties at this lunch counter with places in Kensington Market and the Eaton Centre food court. Additionally find fresh baked goods, pressed juices, and creamy pureed soups.

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